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Beat Diabetes in Cats and Dogs!

Sadly, we see a large number of dogs and cats with diabetes - it is one of the commonest chronic diseases in pets. Diabetes, (diabetes mellitus or DM) also known as sugar diabetes (note, it isn’t the same as “water diabetes” (diabetes insipidus), which is pretty rare). This is because DM is caused by a failure of the body to control its blood sugar l...

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Fluke Weather

With the recent wet weather, I think we’re all worrying about what the fluke levels are going to be like this year! Fluke (for anyone lucky enough not to have had a problem with it before) is a parasite of the liver and bile ducts of cattle and sheep, and causes liver failure. The symptoms are varied, but usually involve weight loss, weakness, pale gums (...

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Is your horse STRESSED?

As the weather warms, we’re out and about more and more. But many people find their horses nervy and jumpy at this time of year - especially if they’re just getting out onto the competition circuit after a long, cold spring of cancelled events!Horses are particularly prone to stress-related disease and injury. As grazers, their natural “trickle-feeding” lifestyle is at odds with today’s competition and training regimes. As prey-animals, their natural instinct when stressed it to run away - perhaps through a barbed wire fence, or o...

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